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What I do?

2007-09-06 00:55:35 by musiQe

I rarely create full length songs but I might if anyone requests a certain loop be made into a song :), mostly I just enjoy creating quality loops for background music in flash animations.


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2011-05-21 12:53:03

You've got some talent kid=)

Keep posting, you are good on what you do, I heard all the three audio submissions and couldn't find flaws on any of them, so keep posting man, looking forward to the next one=P


2011-05-22 11:56:30

Well I Have one Lemme Check it Which one...Oh yea Its Rave v2 ~P~ Try i think it would be awesome is it was a song.


2011-05-22 17:53:35

i love the NOTORIOUS biggie smalls, if you make a mix of biggie musik/2pac "in da hood" musik i will be cream, and you will be these pants


2011-06-16 01:08:45

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